Sunday, November 13, 2011


LAKEWOOD, N.J. - The 38th Annual Shore Athletic Club Open Cross Country Meet - originally set for Oct. 30 but weathered-out by the storm that battered the Northeast that weekend - has been rescheduled for Sunday, November 13th, 2011, at Ocean County Park in Lakewood, N.J.

All runners are invited to the meet, which includes seven races for competitors of all ages, and rewards top 10 finishers in each race with trophies. Entries will be happily accepted until the starting time of each event.

The program starts with the Open 5K Run at 9:30 am, and continues with the first of six age-group events at 10:30 am. These will be the boys 9-under 1.5-mile run at 10:30, the girls 1.5-mile run at 10:45, boys 10-11 1.5-mile run at 11, girls 1.5-mile run at 11.15, boys 2-mile run at 11.30, and girls 2-mile run at 11.50,

For further information:;, or call 732-222-9080.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Hayes Medal in Hands of American Running Royalty

I took the Johnny Hayes medal up to New York City to show it to Camille Herron. While you probably don't know her, she just finished ninth in the Pan-Am Games Marathon. She's running New York tomorrow and will be running the Olympic Trials at Houston in January.

Here's Camille with the 1908 Olympic Marathon gold medal. Of course, some of you may say, "She's not running royalty yet." Perhaps your right, sooo....

What about Desiree Davila? She took second at Boston this year, posting a 2:22:38. I'm pretty sure that classes as running royalty.

Ms. Davila was making an appearance at Paragon Sports when I managed to meet up with her. Still not good enough for you?

What about Ryan Hall?
I believe Hall has run the fastest marathon by an American with his fourth place finish at Boston this year, posting a 2:04:58. I think that may well make him the king of American Marathoners, at least for now.