Friday, February 24, 2006

Shore AC and Jersey Stingers come together at the races !

Another great night at the races last night at the New Balance Indoor track and field center in NYC. Aka. The Armory.
Things kicked off with the 1500 with Muzz Laverty. Muzz, fairly new to this distance kept her eye on the competitor in front of her lap after lap and then making a strong move, out dueled her to the finish in a super 6.19. Extremely focused.
Next up was Justin Wheat (Stinger / Christian Brothers Academy) in the seeded heat. Justin has recently gone separate ways from his high school team after a difference of opinion with the CBA coach and we are delighted to have him in our Stinger group. Justin ran 4.16, with a very strong first 1000 meters.With another few races under his belt, some flexibility work and more training, he will have a fabulous spring track season.
Next up was Coach GP (Shore AC & Stinger), who I have to say (and I am close to the source), ran poorly. I would like to blame the fact that I chose a 1500 off of exclusively 400 meter training but I cannot- no excuses, I just ran poorly, and dropped at the 1100 meter mark to try and regroup for my main event of the night, the 800. I was just flat as a pancake without the pleasure of Maple syrup :) David Zurheide (Shore AC & Stinger) was next up and although not David’s fastest 1500 time, he really raced well one on one with CPTC's Mike Nolan holding him off down the home stretch and finishing in 4.59. in particular very gutsy in light of David’s recent hips and back issues.
The 800 was next….
Kelsey Johnson (Stinger / Point Borough high school), our high school Junior was first and ran a fabulous 2.36 PR in a super effort, followed by a Herculean Muzz Laverty (Stinger) double in 3.11 just 3 seconds off of her personal best indoor and that was without a double on that occasion.
Coach GP up again, along with Stinger assistant coach, Billy Kelly and (Stinger / Point Borough high school), Junior Derek Cardinale. I ran 2.09. After the 1500 I was somewhat tentative and after the race realized that I could have been more aggressive as the pace felt very comfortable. Not a super night for me but the 800 left me with great hope for the future. I was pipped at the post by Billy who ran a very good negative split 2.08 race and young Derek ran a wonderful 800 indoor PR in 2.10. Congratulations to Stinger friend, Cody 0’ Flaherty (Freehold Borough Freshman), with an 800 personal best of 2.14. A fabulous time. And to my Shore AC friend and team mate, John Kuhi (60+ age group), who always runs with courage, although I do not at the time of writing have his 800 time.
10000 meter relay: 10pm start !!
Let the fun begin – 50 laps of the indoor track – The Stinger / Shore AC All Star sprint team !
Each athlete ran 5 x 200 meters.
Derek Cardinale ( Point Borough High school Junior) Elise Tagatac ( Freehold Borough high school Junior) Dan Tagatac (Master) Samantha and Meghan ( both Freehold Borough high school Juniors), Cody 0 Flaherty ( Freehold Borough high school Freshman- relay MVP) Kelsey Johnson ( Point Borough high school Junior), John Kuhi ( Shore AC Master), Billy Kelly (Stinger assistant Coach/Open) Coach GP (Stinger/ Shore AC Master).
Derek was consistently clicking off 28’s, 29’s and 30’s, Elise also clicking off 28’29’s and 30’s, Dan running very strong, then Samantha and Meghan both in the mid 30’s in addition to Kelsey being in the mid 30 range, John, the veteran looking like a young stallion turning back the clock as he was ripping off some super deuces, Billy the fastest hitting some 27’s and even a 25 and GP hitting 27’s and 28’s.
It was an absolute blast for all the teams and we placed third overall in the second heat in a very respectable 25.30.
All in all a great night at the races and thank you to my athletes/team mates !!
Great work everyone

Monday, February 20, 2006

USATF Cross-Country Championships Results

Shore A.C. Masters Men took 3rd place in both men's 50's and men's 60's age groups in the Master's 8K race. Scoring members of the 50's team were Bill Scholl (31:01), Bob Haithcock (31:53), Harold Nolan (32:26), Tony Plaster (33:46) and Chris Peters (35:00), with Walter MacGowan (39:12) and Dave Friedman (43:27) also racing. Scoring members of the 60's team were John Leonard (39:37), Hector Roche (39:58), Dick Hill (40:26),with Richard Colasuonno (41:09) and John Saarman (42:32) also racing. Full results of the Masters Men's 8K race here. The full event results can be accessed here.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Millrose Masters Events

Shore AC Masters Men and Women 4x400 Results from the Millrose Games
Friday, February 3, 2006
Men - 5th place - 3:51.30; Keith Davis 56.86 (dropped baton), Rick Lapp 57.75, Gerard Pearlberg 57.74, Patrick Dolan 58.95.
Women - 4th place - 4:56.91; Beth Zebuth 65.78, Linda Piff 77.65, Wendy Glassman 77.85, Theresa Marciani 75.63

20 years of past history coming soon!