Sunday, April 20, 2008

43rd Annual Capt. Ron Zinn Memorial Races

Under cloudy skies and with temperatures in the 50s, the 43rd edition of the races to honor the memory of two time US Olympian Captain Ron Zinn, and all the men and women killed in Vietnam, were held today in Wall Township, NJ. A West Point grad, Captain Zinn competed in the 20km racewalk at the 1960 and 1964 Olympics before his death in Vietnam.

In the opening 5km run, Brian Hill and Rich Caponigro ran closely together until late in the race. After taking the lead, Caponigro made a wrong turn off the course which allowed Brian Hill to go by. Hill slowed near the finish to cross with Caponigro, both in 18:32. Hill was credited with the win. Third went to Bob Miller in 18:58 with Tom Resch 4th, 1st Vietnam Veteran in 21:24. Christine Hill led the women in 25:14, followed by Becky Cegielski (26:21) and Dona Romeu (28:40).

John Soucheck took the lead from Dave Talcott early in the 10km racewalk and built his lead for the win. Panse Geer was unchallenged in the women's race. The racewalk results:
  1. John Soucheck (42) 49:59
  2. Dave Talcott (48) 51:48
  3. John Fredericks (60) 59:34
  4. Panse Geer (61) F 1:01:26
  5. Tom Quattrocchi (56) 1:01:54
  6. Marcus Kantz (61) 1:05:39
  7. Maria Paul (43) F 1:07:37
  8. Ray Robertson (64) 1:08:00
  9. Ben Ottmer (74) 1:08:32
  10. Joan Wood (61) F 1:12:08
  11. John Molendyk (66) 1:12:45
  12. Susan Middaugh (53) F 1:17:20
  13. Hoyle Mozee 1:27:30
Liz Behnken DNF