Tuesday, September 12, 2006

68th Annual USATF National Championship 40km Racewalk

Info from Ray Somers and Elliott Denman.

OCEAN - Little Silver's John Soucheck and Lakewood's Dorit Attias led Shore area finishers in the 68th annual USA National Championship 40-kilometer racewalk, held Sept. 10 at Joe Palaia Park, Ocean Township.
Soucheck, competing for Shore AC, placed third in the men's division back of winner Ray Sharp of Houghton, Mich.
Attias, representing the Walk USA club, finished second in the women's race, trailing only Heidi Hauch of Scottsdale, Arizona. En route, Attias set an American age 40-44 record at the 25-kilometer distance.
Shore AC, the host team, won both the men's Open and Masters team titles.
Thirty-one starters dwindled down to 17 (13 men and 4 women) finishers at the 40km distance.
Ray Sharp (who had won this race back in 1982) started fast, recording 9:14 for the first 2 km lap and 48:16 at 10km, at which time a pit stop was required. He passed 20 km in 1:40:34, but began struggling a couple laps later. With 2:34:30 at 30 km, he was 10:26 up on Varsano's Chocolates teammate Paul Schwartzberg. This lead steadily dwindled to the finish, with Sharp recording 3:37:19 to Schwartzberg's 3:39:20.
In the women's race, Attias steadily built a lead which reached 1:28 over Heidi Hauch at 12km. Hauch just as steadily whittled away at it through the next 14km, at which point Attias started losing steam with Hauch easily pulling away to win by 8:44.

Four Masters record results were achieved (based on current accepted records.),
Dorit Attias, women age 40-44 at 25 km, 2:37:15 (US record)
Leon Jasionowski, men, age 60-64 at 40 km, 3:56:08 (US record)
Bob Mimm, men age 80-84 at 40 km, 6:02:12 (US record)
Janet Higbie, women age 60-64 at 50 km, with 6:45:01 (World and US record.)

The Results:

Place Name Age Time


1 Ray Sharp, Varsano's Chocolates 46 3:37:19
2 Paul Schwartzberg, Varsano's Chocolates 40 3:39:20
3 John Soucheck, Shore AC 41 3:41:22
4 Leon Jasionowski, Pegasus AC 61 3:56:08
5 Max Walker, Indiana Walkers 59 4:06:41
6 Bob Keating, New England Walkers 59 4:23:57
7 Bill Vayo, Walk USA 42 4:25:29
8 Tom Quattrocchi, Shore AC 55 4:30:42
9 John Fredericks, Shore AC 58 4:34:08
10 Ben Ottmer, Shore AC 72 5:33:16
11 Dr. Pat Bivona, Shore AC 65 5:34:43
12 Eliot Collins, Shore AC 54 5:58:43
13 Bob Mimm, Shore AC 81 6:02:12

Open Team Champion: Shore AC (Soucheck, Quattrocchi, Fredericks)
Masters Team Champion: Shore AC (Ottmer, Collins, Mimm)


1 Heidi Hauch , New Balance 46 4:19:44
2 Dorit Attias, Walk USA 44 4:28:28
3 Maria Paul, Shore AC 41 5:15:37
4 Janet Higbie, Indiana Walkers 64 5:20:51


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