Sunday, July 16, 2006

Early Takanassee Photos

This July, 1966 photo shows Shore AC treasurer George Slater giving medals to Bob Boglione (L - 1st) of Belleville, Harry Nolan (C - 2nd) of Middletown, and Art Smith (R - 3rd) of Monmouth Beach at Lake Takanassee 5000 Meters Race.
Harry Nolan on the bridge at Lake Takanassee (undated - probably mid-1960's).
James and Kenneth Jackson of Toms River watch as 34 runners start the June 26, 1967 5000 meters race at Takanassee Lake. Harry Nolan won in 16:53. Note the starting location near the corner of Ocean Ave, in those days, the course was long by about 0.2 miles.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Administrations have come and gone, fashions have changed, musicians have long been forgotten, but the spirit of Lake Tak lives on! Excelsior!!

7/19/2006 9:49 AM  

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