Monday, May 01, 2006

Penn Relays 2006

Record attendance Friday (39K+) watch Shore AC Masters "Have a Good Day"
The team of Greg Foster 11.66,Phil Bujalski 11.93,Rick Lapp 12.38,and Keith Davis 11.44 ran(47.41)second fastest 4x100 in club history. Last years team of Greg, Keith, Phil and Tony Plaster broke a 20 year old SAC Club record,(40-49)in the 4x100 (47.27).The old record set at Rutgers Relays in 1985 was 47.53. SAC team of Matt Brown 11.52 ,Leon Trout 11.90, John Kuhi 11.91,and Frank Haviland 12.20.
The SAC women set a new club record in the,(40-49)4x400 of 4:58.00 and winning 3rd place Penn Relays medals. Lead off leg Beth Zebuth 64.88, Chris Murphy 75.90, Wendy Glassman 82.07,and Theresa Marciani 75.15. On Saturday the men 40-49 came close to club record of 3:35.04 set back in 1989 as they ran 3:39.54. The SAC team of Patrick Dolan 56.79, Gerard Pearlberg 55.99,Keith Davis 51.97,and Bob Andrews 54.79.
On friday the Men (50-59):3:41.66 lead off Rick Lapp 57.81,Tony Plaster 60.82, Harry Nolan 63.46,(Harry will be 60 next March)and Bill Clifton 64.74. In the same race the Men(60-69):5:05.87 (2nd place) John MacDonald 68.74, John Kuhi 72.60, John Saarmann 71.07, and Mauro Alitzio 93.46. In the Masters 100 dash (45-49)Phil Bujalski ran 12.52. Phil will be age 50 in two months and looking forward to competing at the T&F Nationals August 3-7 in Charlotte, North Carolina.


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