Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Biomechanics Lecture

Last week, I attended a lecture on The Biomechanics of Running given by Gerard Pearlberg, author of Run Tall, Run Easy, and Mr. RunningBuzz. The lecture was given at Shore Runner, a new running specialty store in Long Branch, NJ.

The lecture covered proper running form, and Coach GP gave a lot of simple, easy-to-understand descriptions, often calling on audience members to demonstrate. The crowd, made up of runners from high school age up to those in their 60's all seemed to both enjoy and learn from the lecture.

In addition to being an authority on running, Coach GP is a vice-president of the Shore Athletic Club and also does race commentary work at races like the Miami Marathon, putting his English accent to work.

If you get the opportunity, we encourage you to attend Coach GP's lectures, whether locally or at a race outside the area. You'll be entertained and probably learn something.


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