Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Shore AC XC Series #5

Race #5 Thompson Park

Place Name Age Team
1 Seth Holland 26 Hoboken Harriers
2 Wilson Martinez 33 Sandy Hookers
3 Eric Escorcia 37 SH
4 Jason Geres 32 SH
5 Jeremy Pilkington 25 Shore AC
6 John Quinn 26 Green’s Pond Harriers
7 Jaimi Mora 35 SH
8 Scott Peterson 31 Jersey Shore Running Club
9 Erik Bresnahan 35 HoHa
10 Joe Donahue 40 SH
11 Andrew Seaver 18 Monmouth U.
12 Geoff Evarts 40 GPH
13 Tomo Imamichi 33 HoHa
14 Frank Magaletta 41 HoHa
15 Tim Ragan 32 SAC
16 Kent Edens 43 HoHa
17 Mike Tully 47 GPH
18 Tom Pinzino 46 JSRC
19 Jill Evarts 41 GPH
20 Karen Charles 34 JSRC
21 Ken Lehner 48 SH
22 Tarra Sarnacki 28 JSRC
23 John Taylor 50 Freehold Area Running Club
24 Meg Phillips 36 GPH
25 Jerry Coggins 42 HoHa
26 Bob Bazley 55 GPH
27 Adele McDonough 30 GPH
28 Steve Apostolacus 44 JSRC
29 Kevin Gaine 36 JSRC
30 Chris Wilcox 47 JSRC
31 Dianne DeOliveira 35 SAC
32 Peter Avakian 52 GPH
33 Robert Peters 39 JSRC
34 Gene Caffrey 38 SH
35 Jim Doyle 47 HoHa
36 Gavin Docherty 39 SH
37 Rich O’Brien 48 GPH
38 Bill Hartnett 44 HoHa
39 Jeff Marshall 32 GPH
40 Ed Dowling 43 SH
41 Patty Parrado 38 HoHa
42 Marilyn Vricella 37 HoHa
43 Bob Gordon 48 JSRC
44 John Mortz 46 JSRC
45 Mark Griggs 45 JSRC
46 Resie Caffrey 35 SH
47 Graham Wisom 57 JSRC
48 Tim Mahoney 46 JSRC
49 Prezneck Nowicki 62 FARC
50 Jane Erbe 46 JSRC
51 Michael Marms 43 GPH
52 Mary Cerasa 16 Red Bank Regional
53 Jim Egge 52 SH
54 Abigail Burper 15 RBR
55 Samantha Carroll 16 RBR
56 Jeanine Lopez 40 HoHa
57 Adam Rosenberg 49 GPH
58 Susan Ardito 45 JSRC
59 Partick Dorgan 58 SH
60 Dean Shonts 59 JSRC
61 Rachael Basore 15 RBR
62 Charlotte Barry 50 JSRC
63 David Friedman 56 SAC
64 Susan Basore 17 RBR
65 Walter MacGowan 59 SAC
66 Larry Jones 59 SAC
67 Moira Horan 50 SH
68 Samantha Cohen 15 RBR
69 Grace McLoughlin 47 SH
70 Walt Rutsky 57 FARC
71 Marilyn Ryder 65 JSRC
72 Peter Evarts 68 GPH
73 Alison McKenna 25 SH

Team Results:
1. Sandy Hookers 43 pts.
2. Green’s Pond 44 pts.
3. Hoboken Harriers 45 pts.
4. Jersey Shore RC 53 pts.

SAC + FARC Incomplete teams

This was a race to remember! It rained hard all Friday night and by morning the winds were blowing out of the east at 40 to 50 mph. Jill Evarts and I marked the Thompson course late Friday afternoon. At that time it was 56 degrees and partly cloudy. Just as I placed the last flag it started to rain and I knew it was going to be worse on Saturday morning. Mike Tully met me at 7:30 am at Marlu lake with a large canopy tent. Our plan was to set it up and have a dry area for the officials and a place to hand out the pies and food after the race. However, the wind was blowing so hard we could not put it up. We then decided to face our van and SUV into the wind, lift our tailgate doors, and stretch a tarp over both vehicles. This actually worked well and, by the time the first runners arrived to sign up, we had a relatively dry refuge. I was worried that no one would show but my faith was restored when 73 hardy harriers toed the starting line. This group included the Red Bank Regional HS girls (and their coach – Terra Sarnacki). Earlier in the morning the Shore Conference XC Meet had been postponed due to severe conditions but here were these intrepid young women showing the toughness it takes to run cross country. If it were up to me I’d give them the Shore Conference Trophy.

Cross country runners are unlike most athletes. They actually savor foul conditions.
I heard a lot of laughter and cries of “All Right!” as we sloshed through the mud and slop formed by the torrential rain. After the race everyone seemed in great spirits as we huddled under our make-shift shelter sipping cider and eating donuts. No one seemed to mind that official times were not taken (our automatic timer does not like getting wet). Those who wanted to timed themselves. The leaders in the various age groups were awarded pies and packages of Delicious Orchards cookies. The Hoboken Harriers apparently didn’t get wet enough so they headed back out on the course to retrieve the flags.
I can recall only one other time in league history when the weather conditions rivaled what we had today. It was almost exactly ten years ago (Oct. 19, 1996). The race was held at Huber Woods. My notes on the results sheet for that day read, “Weather conditions – torrential rain – 55- 60 degrees; Course condition – flooded”. I remember running the wooded trail in ankle deep water and feeling like I was breathing water rather than air. The finish line was set up in the wooden lean-to shed on the edge of the parking area so that our officials ( Colleen York and Lisa Bazley) could stay dry. The most lasting image of that day, however, was watching Cliff Russell of the Sandy Hookers riding his mountain bike across the Oceanic Bridge and up the long hill to Huber Woods before the race. He went on to finish in 5th place and cooled down by riding his bike home.

The final race of our series will be this Saturday (Nov. 4) at Tatum Park, Middletown.
Please park in the Holland Road lot. We will use the old start in the fields in front of the parking lot. Individual season awards and the Woodland Elf team trophy will be given out after the race. See you all on Saturday.

Bob Bazley


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