Monday, May 08, 2006

USATF-NJ Masters 5 mile Road Championship

Shore AC Masters road runners ran well on a hilly course in Summit this Sunday 5/7/06. SAC 40-49 and 60-69 teams placed 3rd in a very competitive USATF-NJ Masters Road Championship. Missing some of SAC top 50-59 runners, they placed 6th in the age group. If the race was two days later Mike Mooney(29.30)would have won his age group and changed the team results dramatically. Team members could drop down one age group to score for both groups. Two fifty guys not at Summit, Harry Nolan(31:18)and Henry Mercer(30:24) ran Rumson 5 mile. Mooney led the 40-49 team with Rich Caponigro(31:00),Dave Hoch(31:08),John Liptak(31.11),Tom Zarra(32:13)and Bob Haithcock(32:25.)
Dave Hoch(31:08)led the 50-59 team with Haithcock,Kuhi,Gross,Leonard,and Roche scoring.
John Kuhi(36.43) brought in the SAC 60-69 team, followed by Dave Gross(37:56), John Leonard(38:45)and Hector Roche(39:03)
Individual Age group SAC best was John Leonard, Dave Hoch and Mike Mooney, all placed fourth in their 5 year age group.


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