Friday, February 16, 2007

Millrose Masters Mens 4x400

100th Millrose Games, Friday February 2,2007. SAC was in a very competitve race and missed 4th place by a mere .02 seconds.
SAC Masters 3:44.45. The following as told by the Rick Lapp, the Senior on the team.
Leadoff was fun. Lots of bumbing hips and elbows, particularly with the 2nd Wind team member who I train with every Sunday. But that is all part of running the boards. Pat did his job well, getting us into the mix. It's amazing how his long legs can navigate the turns. Pat has amazing potential and gets faster every race. Keith continued to close. His stride lengthened and his strength was apparent. When his competitors began to fade, Keith appeared to get stronger. Bob showed poise and experience. He timed his race perfectly. He knew what he had to do and wasn't tempted to bust out too early. Bob ate up the yards and made his final move at just the right moment. Everyone thought he had nabbed 4th but the camera has the last word. It was close! Fun stuff. Lots of SAC support from Wendi, GP, JK, Friedman,and Elliott.
Rick Lapp 58.14
Pat Dolan 56.42
Keith Davis 53.61
Bob Andrews 56.28

(post written by John Kuhi)


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