Wednesday, January 23, 2008

SAC Masters Men LDR Salute JL Seymore and USATF-NJ Winners

This was an exciting weekend for Shore AC Athletes.

Running Times named J.L. Seymore honorable mention National Masters Runner of the Year for the competitive 60-64 age group. JL is one of only three New Jersey runners selected by Running Times. Seymore had a dramatic impact on SAC Masters by leading the 60s team to place second and the the 50s team third in the USATF New Jersey LDR Championship Team Grand Prix, finishing First Shore AC for both 50s and 60s teams in all five major races. His age-graded PLP was consistently in the mid to high 80s!

70 plus Race Horse legends Dick Hill and Ralph Garfield were also honored on Saturday night at the USATF New Jersey Awards Banquet for their outstanding year of distance running. They came in first and second respectively in the 70-74 age group, and along with Leonard, Mc Donnell and Richardson led the SAC Masters 70s team to a First Place in the USATF NJ Long Distance Running Championship Team Grand Prix. The Grand Prix demands high-level performance for road and cross country races ranging from 5K to 13.1 miles. SAC Masters 50s leaders Dave Hoch (2006 USATF Grand Prix award winner) and Richard Henderson (2005 USATF Grand Prix award winner) can attest to this.
Our Track and Walk athletes were also big winners at the banquet. Shore AC legend Harry Nolan was named Masters Track & Field Athlete of the Year (he also won in 1997). John Soucheck was USATF-NJ racewalking grand prix winner for the 11th consecutive year and Maria Paul won for her 3rd year in a row. Shore AC also dominated the Masters Track and Field Grand Prix with several winners including double winners Wendi Glassman (50s sprints and distance) and Leon Trout (70s throws and jumps).


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