Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Forerunner 201 Personal Trainer

Hi Shore AC Teammates

" I recently purchased the Forerunner 201 personal trainer made by Garmin from the local EMS store in Eatontown. It has a lot of bells and whistles but it is really unique. In addition to clocking the pace and distance traveled through its GPS feature it has a navigational aid. I like this particular feature because it allows you to find your way back to the starting point. Normally this is not a big issue when you live in the US since most people speak English, but many of us do travel abroad, and it is easy to get lost sometimes and not knowing the local language can be frustrating. Since we are going to Eastern Europe on Father's Day I wanted to be sure that I could find my way around Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Vienna without working out with my Berlitz in hand. The device costs $150.00 but at various times of the year EMS will discount it for Club Members some 20 percent. (Perhaps some of the discount electronic dealers might have it cheaper.) The battery life is 14 hours before it needs to be recharged but it is well worth the money. In a local 4 mile race I curiously checked the accuracy of the course and wow the distance at the finish line was 4.03 miles. The difference may have accounted for my twists and turns on the course. I heartedly recommend it for the serious athlete as a good silent training partner."

Alan Sherman


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